Just recently we’ve adopted the statement brand everything into our marketing for our sticker company STKRS, this points firstly to … More

traffic rickjesse

Happy Traffic

Happy Traffic – A social media guide for time poor people. TLDR: Schedule posts to make social media more fun. … More


On Tuesday night I was at an event with 50+ people from the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. The reception was … More

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Customer Experience

I have never really been a Disney kind of person! But I recently got back from Disney Paris, which is … More



I was at a session on copyright and trademarking a few weeks ago and I came away with a few … More


Get on a Plane 1

This post was a little too long, so I split it into two posts “Get on a Plane” part 1 … More


Book Pitch

I have set myself the task of writing a book within the next six months. It is something that I … More