On Tuesday night I was at an event with 50+ people from the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. The reception was … More

RickJesse Get on a Plane Part 2

Get on a Plane 2

This is part two of “Get on a Plane” if you want to read part one click here. The “Get … More



Back in 2007 I created an online wall sticker store called Wall Glamour® which grew from a shed in the … More

rick jesse affirmations blog

Positive Thinking

Self-Affirmations, as they are widely called, are a tool of all self-improvement gurus and coaches. They are also seen a … More


Get on a Plane 1

This post was a little too long, so I split it into two posts “Get on a Plane” part 1 … More


Work Ethic

Celebrating the unsexy things that make us successful. I want to say that I’m an epic designer, that I was … More



This is just a little piece about some thoughts I’ve been discussing with others. I recently listened to Viktor E. … More


Book Pitch

I have set myself the task of writing a book within the next six months. It is something that I … More


Mind Control

I think I am a typical creative-type, ruled by an overactive mind, pursing an idea this week, then a dream … More


From a dusty old shed

It is Sunday afternoon in sunny, but cold, North Yorkshire and I’ve just been vacuuming my shed out…the high life, … More